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Cornwall Education Learning Trust is a large and dynamic Trust, formed in 2019 following the sucessful merger of Newquay Education Trust (NET) and Peninsula Learning Trust (PLT).

Our Trust currently has 4 secondary schools, 1 junior school and 8 primary schools. We also have 1 Free School (primary) which is set to open in 2021.

This new website is still under construction, but please do call back regularly for changes and updates. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to find out something which isn’t currently online, or are interested in joining our Trust.

Our schools


Newquay Junior Academy

Our reputation for excellence has grown as a result of our 100 years of commitment to supporting education in the Newquay area, inspiring and encouraging many generations of families.

At Newquay Junior our pupils are the ‘beating heart’ of the school and very reason for all our success – in all we do, we put every one of our pupils at the centre.

Behaviour at the academy is exemplary, pupils work hard and gain great enjoyment from their learning. They are well mannered, care for one another and have a real sense of mutual respect. Our parents and carers are the welcome and vital source of support which helps ensure success for all.

We have and incredible team of staff. They are all hard working, talented and dedicated professionals who help to create a safe, happy, vibrant and successful learning environment for each and every one of our pupils and their families. It is because of such wonderful staff that we are able to provide our pupils with rich, diverse and exciting taught curriculum and an extensive, year round, range of extra-curricular opportunities that support, inspire and challenge pupils to build confidence, take risks, solve problems, accept responsibility, achieve academic success and explore and develop personal interests.

Following our move to unite as a multi academy trust with Newquay Tretherras Academy in September 2015, we are now able to support and seamlessly educate pupils from year 3 through to the end of Sixth Form. The benefits and opportunities of this for all our pupils and families are tremendous and wills enable us all to achieve great success in the future.

Newquay Tretherras

You will always be guaranteed a warm welcome at Newquay Tretherras, an inspiring and vibrant school at the heart of the Newquay community. Tretherras has a forty year history of providing education of the highest quality in an inspirational setting on the North Cornish coast.

Tretherras students are a pleasure to teach and learn with. They know that their education is important for their life chances and they take full advantage of the incredible range of opportunities and facilities offered to them at school, both within and beyond the classroom.

At Tretherras, we offer students an inclusive and extensive curriculum which offers aspirational opportunities for all to succeed. To achieve this, we have strong and caring people and structures in place to support students pastorally and academically every step of the way.

Our strong belief is that Tretherras is a place where dreams can come true. We are an inspirational learning community, working together to support our students and staff to become the best that they can be.

The Board of Directors, together with the Leadership Team, are committed and ambitious for every single young person. Our talented and specialist staff don’t just go the extra mile, they go the extra hundred miles for the students in their care! We are passionately dedicated to ensuring students succeed in every possible way, whatever their talents or ambitions.

Our relationships and ethos at Tretherras are inclusive and special: we are a family in which everyone matters. It is, without doubt, a very happy place to be and morale is extremely high across the whole academy.

As an academy that achieves examination results that are consistently and significantly above national averages, we know it is the quality of our relationships with parents, staff and students and our aspirational and inclusive ethos, which is the key to this success. Quite simply, we put every one of our students at the centre of everything we do

Brannel School

Brannel School is a thriving, caring school with huge expectations. Our central mission is for our students to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

Our goal is for each and every one of our students to be the best they can be. We recognise there are many ways to succeed and many different ways to get there. As a truly mixed comprehensive with specialist provision for students with physical disabilities, we enable children and young people of all abilities to succeed.

I believe that the Brannel team works so well because our teachers, support staff, governors, parents and carers are focused on aiming high in order to achieve the best we can for our students. We believe that raising aspirations plays a critical part in raising educational achievement. The real strength of our school is summed up in this recent comment from one of our parents... "the building is stunning but it's the people who make Brannel so special".

On 1st November 2017, Brannel converted to become an Academy as part of the Cornwall Education Learning Trust (CELT). We believe this presents exciting opportunities for Brannel as we continue the journey for improvement. We are excited and are very much looking forward to embarking on the next stage of our journey.

We invite you to see us at work, to meet with students and staff, and to become part of our emerging success story.

Penrice Academy

As Principal, I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to our school. Our students and staff are extremely proud to be members of the school community – a place to explore, thrive and be successful.

Penrice is committed to providing a stable and safe learning environment that allows our students to learn and teachers to teach. The relationships between staff and students is carefully nurtured and becomes simply fantastic.

Going to school is about learning, making new friends, trying new things, developing new skills and ultimately creating memories that will last a life time.

Penrice offers fantastic opportunities in sport, drama, art, clubs, trips and much more. Our unique Penrice + programme allows our ­students to try something new with a wide and exciting range of activities ranging from playing a musical instrument to learning what it’s like to be a vet on our amazing new farm – there is something for everyone.

Poltair School

At Poltair School we are committed to maintaining the very highest standards. Our task, on your behalf and in partnership with you, is to ensure that all our pupils 'Believe and Achieve.' Our positive approach seeks to identify and nurture the ability and talent in every learner and to ensure through an array of experiences and opportunities that everyone has the chance to shine.

Poltair School is a happy school where individuality and difference are recognised and embraced and curiosity, creativity and leadership are fostered. In addition, every learner has the right to strive for success and to have their successes celebrated. We are a disciplined and caring environment where respect for each other, small courtesies and good manners are held in very high regard.

Learning is at the heart of all that we do and in order to prepare young people to become the citizens of the future the learning must be fun, challenging and be about real life and the real world. It is in this way that we will shape the positive, confident, skilled and qualified young adults who can meet the demands of our ever changing world and make their own contributions to society and their community.

As a Sports College, we promote health, fitness and a sense of well-being. We believe in the importance of fair play as well as putting in the hard work needed to make things better. We recognise how crucial it is to be part of a team; indeed, this is why we seek to work so closely with pupils, parents, staff, governors and the wider community in all that we do.

Meet the Team

The people behind our trust

Thumb avatar Lisa Mannall
Lisa Mannall
Trust Lead
Thumb avatar Sarah Karkeek
Sarah Karkeek
Deputy Trust Lead
Thumb avatar Andy Keast
Andy Keast
Chief Operating Officer
Thumb avatar Samantha Fairbairn
Samantha Fairbairn
Executive Headteacher
Thumb avatar Richard Baker
Richard Baker
Executive Headteacher
Thumb avatar Craig Hayes
Craig Hayes
Executive Headteacher
Thumb avatar Lucy Gambier
Lucy Gambier
Head of School
Thumb avatar Chris Liles
Chris Liles

Joining Cornwall Education Learning Trust

We offer

  • A commitment to ensuring high quality provision for all within an ambitious, dynamic and socially responsible Trust framework;
  • An established track record of improvement in all phases with opportunities to share practice and learn from the best;
  • A positive reputation locally and regionally as a high quality MAT with strong leadership and governance;
  • A record of successful bids to EFA for capital improvements;
  • High quality professional development for all staff through our status as Lead Academy for Kernow Teaching School Alliance;
  • The opportunity to play a significant role in building an innovative and sustainable school to school improvement model;
  • Freedom for local Leadership and Governing Bodies to focus on school improvement whilst Trust-wide capacity allows central management of statutory functions.

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